Craven County GIS

Search Tips for Property Addresses

Each address has four fields that can be searched and are as follows:

Number      : is the number on the residence, business, church, etc.  This field could be blank.
              If you enter a 12, then all address that have 12 in the number will be found.
              For examples: 12 Brown St
                            125 Green St <- starts with 12
                            612 Red St   <- ends with 12
                            8129 Blue St <- 12 is in the middle

                            132 Red St   <- This address is NOT found 

Directional : is either N, S, E, W or blank.  You can type in the directional or use the selection list.

Street Name : is the name of the street, road, highway, etc.  This is the only REQUIRED field.
              If you enter a portion of the address such as BR, all addresses that START with BR
              will found such as BROWN, BRUIN, BRIAN  but not BLACK, BORDEN

Suffix      : is an abbreviation such ST, RD, HWY, etc.  You can type in the suffix or use the selection list.
              The selection list contains all the available suffixes that are in the property address database.
Address that are DIFFICULT to find are as follows:

Directional  Name                        Suffix

E or W       US 70                       HWY
N or S       US 17                       HWY
             NC 101                      HWY
             NC 118                      HWY
E or W       NC 55                       HWY
N or blank   NC 43                       HWY
             OLD CHERRY POINT            RD
             M L KING JR                 BLVD <- note the spaces and no periods between the M and L
             OLD US 70                   HWY
N            1ST                         AVE
             1400 1406 NEUSE             BLVD
             1721 1723 SOUTH GLENBURNIE  RD
Property addresses for EAST FRONT and SOUTH FRONT are being changed so that the directional
  will contain an E or S.  Until the addresses are changed, please try both ways as shown below. 
             EAST FRONT                  ST  <- note EAST is part of the name not the directional
             SOUTH FRONT                 ST  <- note SOUTH is part of the name not the directional
E or S       FRONT                       ST  <- note the E or S is in the directional field                   

If you still have problems finding a property address please call
  the Craven County Mapping Office at (252) 636-6650 for assistance.