Craven County GIS

Search Tips for Owner Name

The owner name has two fields that can be searched :

The LAST NAME is a required field and the FIRST NAME is an optional field.

Names are entered as seen on the recorded deeds.

The name is searched from the beginning of your entry, for example entering BRO
  will find all names that start with BRO

If a searched name is not found, try the search without a first name
If a searched name is not found, try typing less of the last name such as BROW for BROWN

An owner can be found in the middle of the name such as MARY by entering percent symbols around the name
  such as %MARY% will find ADKINS, MARY R HRS and ALEXANDER, MARY ELIZABETH, etc...

Special name entries are as follows :

Churches  : CHURCH-name of church   CHURCH-ABUNDANT  or just enter CHURCH- and scroll thru list
Cemetary  : CEMETARY- a space then, name of cemetary   CEMETARY- EDWARDS
Cemetery  : CEMETERY a space, then a dash - , then a space, then name of cemetery   CEMETERY - MORRIS
Craven County & New Bern
Craven County & Havelock
Craven County & Vanceboro
Fire Department-  or Fire Dept- : Fire Department-West of New Bern  or  Fire Dept-Ft Barnwell
New Bern-City of
Havelock-City of
Bridgeton-Town of
Dover-Town of
Cove City-Town of
Vanceboro-Town of
Trent Woods-Town of
River Bend-  or  Riverbend-
Lodge-   : Lodge-Ambassadors  or Lodge-Cherry Point
Craven Community College-
North Carolina-State
Epiphany School-  or  Epiphany School of Global Studies-
If you still have problems finding a owner name please call
  the Craven County Mapping Office at (252) 636-6650 for assistance.